The SafeHouse Initiative Organization

The SafeHouse Initiative seeks to usher trusted, critical operational and application resilience into today’s modern architectures.

Ransomware Operational Risk Index (beta)

Take this self-guided assessment to calculate your cost of downtime. Save your assessments as projects to calculate the value of specific critical applications. You may run models based on hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios and compare your results based on:

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Mission of the project

The SafeHouse Initiative is a global collaboration founded to help dramatically improve infrastructure resiliency. The contributors are a collective of industry leading technology companies who provide the SafetyNet to common technologies that simply do not stand up to breaches. Our mission is to provide operational resilience guidance and solutions by focusing on protecting customer critical applications while optimizing RPO and RTO into a modern architecture.

What we Provide

The contributing companies to the SafeHouse Initiative can deliver the following services and solutions to any business looking to improve its operational resilience. The following are examples of what the SafeHouse Initiative contributors can provide to your business:

  • Operational resilience assessment and guidanceAssess your current infrastructure and application environment and provide recommendations for improving your business continuity and threat protection

  • ZeroTrust Guidance and Operational SolutionsUnderstand all 'endpoints', and help deliver a ZeroTrust/SelectiveTrust solution to protect your enterprise

  • Ransomware Operational Risk Index Guidance regarding actual Ransomware Operation Risk by utilizing our expertise and industry operational standards

  • Hybrid/MultiCloud Application Ultra High Availability solutions – Your applications don’t have to go down. Ever. Let us show you how

  • Best Practices regarding Failsafe CommunicationA communication failsafe is the foundation for rapid response. Ensure you have a communication plan, as part of your cyber response plan, that provides a clear, outside communication capability to reach your constituents when you need to

No business is too large or too small to join the SafeHouse Initiative and leverage our expertise or solutions. Join us and find out why other companies worldwide are dramatically improving their operational resilience!

The Contributors to the SafeHouse Initiative are Industry leading companies that deliver infrastructure resiliency and business continuity consulting and solutions. Learn More


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