The SafeHouse initiative seeks to usher trusted, critical operational and application resilience into today’s modern architectures.

Guiding Principles

Reimagining Operational Resilience

The SafeHouse Initiative was organized to provide education and awareness to businesses who are inundated with technical concepts, jargon and terms around the concepts of Business Continuity and Cyber Security.  We understand that you want to focus on your business rather than becoming Cyber Security or Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity technology experts.  

We wanted the SafeHouse Initiative to be a collaborative organization where businesses could turn to gain a holistic view  of solutions that can improve operational resilience as an alternative to engaging a single vendor.  The SafeHouse Initiative has no products or services to sell per se.  We are not a product or service marketplace.  We follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for Cybersecurity controls and guidance.

The SafeHouse Initiative organization came together through an open exchange of ideas with insurance carriers, CIOs, and CTOs who feel the current technologies available are not sufficient to prevent costly operational downtime and to protect them from cyber attacks in all forms.

We are comprised of technology subject matter experts who have deep knowledge in all the facets of Information Technology Architecture and are committed to helping educate customers, especially those in the Financial Services, Insurance, and Healthcare industries regarding the issues surrounding operational downtime and how to prevent it and recover from it.

With the rise in the frequency of breaches and ransomware over the last 3 years, the current technologies widely used today in businesses are failing.  A key question from conversations with business CIOs, and CTOs was how to leverage their existing investments and augment them with more sophisticated solutions versus doing a "rip and replace”.

The contributors that participate in the SafeHouse Initiative organization are all focused on acting as a safety net by filling the gaps in current technologies and augmenting existing technology deployments.  Additionally, the contributors collaborate together.  Customers can utilize each contributor independently or together per a customer's specific needs and requirements.  

Please note: 

The SafeHouse Initiative will be a continuously improved organization and site with more contributors and updates in the future.  Check back often to watch the organization grow!

The SafeHouse Initiative is not a marketplace and has nothing to sell.  If you’d like to engage one or more of the contributing organizations, please reach out directly to them, or send us a note and we’ll bring together the right combination of contributors.

The SafeHouse Initiative will never sell or share your information if you leave it with us or one of our contributors.

Our goal is to help companies to react to breaches, isolate issues, and improve operational resilience for continuous business operations.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Many organizations across a number of industries including Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, and Government (particularly the Department of Defense) rely on the research of NIST and their controls and standards.  The Safehouse Initiative leverages NIST defined frameworks and applies them using consulting best practices and best in class solutions.  

Click the link to learn more about the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Why SafeHouse Initiative

The SafeHouse Initiative was created due to the dramatic increase of cyber attacks and breaches occuring worldwide and the resulting requirements for operational resiliance across all businesses.  Bringing clarity and world-class best practices and solutions together to benefit all businesses of any size was a core driver for the organization.

“By 2021, a business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds” 

- Datto

“The average incident cost is $8.1 million and 287 days to recover.”

- Gus Genter, CIO of Winnebago County

2022 Data Protection Trends report based on a survey that garnered nearly 3,400 responses: 76 percent of organizations had at least one ransomware attack last year.  36 percent of data on average was unrecoverable after a ransomware attacks. 51 percent of organizations had outages caused by ransomware.

The average ransom demand grew by more than 80 percent.

Globally, a minimum of $18 billion was paid in ransoms, while the cost of downtime in the private and public sectors added billions more in costs.

- The Cost of Ransomware in 2021 – A country – by – Country Analysis

“Business interruption costs are the largest source of losses: in Q4 2020” with an average downtime of 21 days

Why the SafeHouse Initiative is important

The SafeHouse Initiative is important as it is the first collaborative organization that brings together cyber security and resiliency software solution providers, consulting experts, and related technologies for the benefit of our participants.  Participants in the SafeHouse Initiative can purchase and engage with any of the sponsors and know that the sponsors are working together for their benefit.  

Bringing together the best in class solutions, the SafeHouse Initiative gives businesses of any size a way to protect their infrastructure and applications, and ultimately their business operation.  

If you'd like to learn more about the SafeHouse Initiative organization send us an email.  We'll get right back to you.