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Conversations in the Cloud (Part 1)

The first in a series of podcasts with Jake Smith and Intel Corporation Conversations in the Cloud. Listen to Dorian Naveh of Canonical and Christina Klein, MA of Lansweeper, discuss the SafeHouse Initiative and its importance to companies of all sizes, but particularly to small and medium-sized businesses. Give it a listen!

Conversations in the Cloud (Part 2)

Part 2 of  Conversations in the Cloud with Jake Smith from Intel Corporation with two more co-founding companies of the SafeHouse Initiative. Alan Gin of ZeroDown® Software is joined by David Proestos and David Lewis of Nteraction to talk about the importance of the SafeHouse Initiative and how we can help educate and counsel companies of all sizes to achieve business and operational resilience.

Conversations in the Cloud (Part 3)

Part 3 of Conversations in the Cloud with Jake Smith from Intel Corporation features another co-founding company of the SafeHouse Initiative.  Ken Morris of KnectIQ discusses Selective Trust and the expertise and solutions they bring to the SafeHouse Initiative.