EPISODE 2: Backup: Cybersecurity’s Silent Partner 

System Backup operations are often viewed as seperate from the Cybersecurity policies and procedures.  But listen to W. Curtis Preston, known in the industry as "Mr. Backup” & host of "The Backup Wrap-up" podcast, discuss with Jeff Edwards, Co-Chairman of the SafeHouse Initiative, the importance of Backup as part of your cybersecurity and operational resilience plan.

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EPISODE 1: Cyber Risk Quantification

Jeff Edwards, Founding Member and Co-Chair of the SafeHouse Initiative interviews David Finz, First Vice President of Specialty Claims and Adam Rauf, Senior Manager of Cyber Risk both from Alliant Insurance Services. This episode focuses on CRQ (Cyber Risk Quantification) and its importance in helping organizations quantify, reveal and address cyber threats. David discuss the State of the Cyber Market while Adam discuss the benefits and challenges of risk quantification as well as free and premium options available to implement.

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